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Pràctiques a Gal·les

En aquesta entrada del blog podeu llegir en anglès (i gal·lès) un article publicat a la revista de Coleg Sir Gar en referència a les pràctiques que fa un alumne nostre amb empreses esportives. Aquestes pràctiques són fruit de la col.laboració i l’intercanvi que tenim entre alumnes gal·lesos i l’IES Son Rullan.

Spanish student praises placement scheme

A Spanish student on work placement at Coleg Sir Gâr, is praising a scheme which brought him to Carmarthenshirewhere he’s now considering studyinga sports degree.

Daniel Zoppetti studies sport at IES Son Rullan in Palma and is taking part in an Erasmus+ two-month work placement at the new sports facility at the college’s Graig campus and with other groups such as adventure sport.

He is encouraging other students to take part in the Eramus+ scheme which is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport, aiming to provide experience for students and educators abroad.

IES Son Rullan sports tutor Maria Gene has also benefited from six days of professional development spending time with Coleg Sir Gâr teaching staff in sport, outdoor adventure and 5×30.

Daniel Zoppettisaid: “I love it here, I’m improving my English, the people here are really friendly, it’s really spacious and so I’m looking into the possibility of studying the sports degree at the college.

“I believe that new experiences are vital to personal and professional growth and that’s why I think Erasmus+ is one of the best things you can do in your life.”

Daniel has taken responsibility for staff and student use at the new gymnasium at the college, played a range of sports from rugby to basketball and is assisting teaching staff across sports and outdoor education.

Erasmus+ is protected under a Brexit contingency regulation until 2020.




Myfyriwr o Sbaen yn canmol cynllun lleoliadau

Mae myfyriwr o Sbaen sydd ar leoliad gwaith yng Ngholeg Sir Gâr yn canmol cynllun a ddaeth ag ef i Sir Gaerfyrddin lle mae bellach yn ystyried astudio gradd mewn chwaraeon.

Mae Daniel Zoppetti yn astudio chwaraeon yng ngholeg IES SonRullan ym Mhalma ac mae’n cymryd rhan mewn lleoliad gwaith Erasmus+ am ddeufis yn y cyfleuster chwaraeon newydd ar gampws y coleg yn y Graig a gyda grwpiau eraill megis chwaraeon antur.

Mae’n annog myfyrwyr eraill i gymryd rhan yn y cynllun Eramus+ sef rhaglen yr UE ar gyfer addysg, hyfforddiant, ieuenctid a chwaraeon, gyda’r nod o ddarparu profiad i fyfyrwyr ac addysgwyr dramor.

Mae tiwtor chwaraeon IES SonRullan Maria Gene hefyd wedi elwa ar chwe diwrnod o ddatblygiad proffesiynol trwy dreulio amser gyda staff addysgu Coleg Sir Gâr mewn chwaraeon, antur awyr agored a 5×30.

Meddai Daniel Zoppetti: “Rwyf wrth fy modd yma, rwy’n gwella fy Saesneg, mae’r bobl yma yn wirioneddol gyfeillgar, mae’n eang dros ben ac rwy’n edrych i mewn i’r posibilrwydd o astudio gradd chwaraeon yn y coleg.

“Rwy’n credu bod profiadau newydd yn hanfodol ar gyfer twf personol a phroffesiynol a dyna pam rwyf o’r farn bod Erasmus+ yn un o’r pethau gorau fedrwch chi wneud yn eich bywyd.”

Mae Daniel wedi cymryd cyfrifoldeb am ddefnydd staff a myfyrwyr o’r gampfa newydd yn y coleg, mae wedi chwarae ystod o gampau o rygbi i bêl-fasged ac mae’n helpu staff addysgu ar draws yr adran chwaraeon ac addysg awyr agored.

Diogelir Erasmus+ dan reoliad wrth gefn Brexit tan 2020.





Visita al Parlament

Divendres passat, els alumnes de 2n ESO A i 2n ESO D van visitar el Parlament amb les professores M. José Rua, Immaculada Bellver i Maria Monjo.

Visita a la Seu

El dia 22 de gener els alumnes d’Història de l’Art, na Cata i na Pilar anàrem de visita a la Seu de Palma. Allà ens esperava na Marta, la nostra guia.

Na Marta ens va transmetre molt bé el seu coneixement. Va començar explicant quin és l’origen de la paraula catedral, després ens va explicar el procés de construcció de la Catedral, alguns trets característics que la fan tan especial i ens va mostrar els seus elements gòtics (aprofitant que és l’estil que na Pilar ens està explicant ara). Posteriorment, l’explicació es va centrar en les dues darreres reformes que ha patit la Seu, la de Gaudí i la de Miquel Barceló.

El recorregut va finalitzar amb la visita a la relíquia de Sant Sebastià, patró de Palma.

Vam disfrutar i aprendre molt!

Imma Celeste

L’Arxiduc Lluís Salvador

La nostra ciutat ha canviat moltíssim els darrers 150 anys. Palma no és la mateixa que va conèixer l’Arxiduc Lluís Salvador l’estiu de 1867, la primera vegada que va trepitjar la nostra illa.  Un recorregut llegint els seus textos ens ha ajudat a visualitzar i entendre aquests canvis que són especialment notables a la façana marítima.

Sortida amb 1r de batxillerat A i B

Palma’s Mayor, Antonio Hila, answered our letter!

Here you have the letter he sent to us. He thanks our proposals but he doesn’t admitt much of our city problems… Thank you anyway!

Erasmus in Viena

Aquesta presentació amb diapositives necessita JavaScript.

From the 14th to the 19th May, some of our students and teachers travelled to Vienna. The reason of this trip was to participate in the first students and teacher’s mobility of the Erasmus project “CLIL in Outdoors Activities”. The experience, according to the opinion of both students and teachers, was amazing and unique. They enjoyed working in multinational students’ teams in different types of activities: from ICT workshops to cooking or flagfootball trainings and matches.

On the other hand, as English was the only common language of all participants, they incredibly improved their talking and listening skills in a foreign language.

In all, a perfect combination of work and fun, the best way to learn new contents and develop important social skills.

Here you have some pictures of our stay in Vienna. We look forward to your participation in our coming meetings in Mallorca, Finland, Germany and, luckyly, Turkey.


Visita a l’Hotel Valparaiso

Visita a Agama

3ESO B, C and D visit to Agama. We learn how Laccao is made and what is working in the Secondary sector. Thanks to Agama for the visit and for the delicious present!

Aquesta presentació amb diapositives necessita JavaScript.

Visita a Agroilla

3rd ESO B, C and D visit to Agroilla to learn what is working in the Primary Sector. Thank you for this opportunity Agroilla!

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